Gardening Pruning Folding Saws (H-210)
Product Description

  • Applicable for gardening saws.
  • Saw blade grinding hard chrome plating.
  • Sawtooth triple side gear grinding.

Additional files

Product Introduction

Explains & Using

■ All saw teeth cut by CBN diamond wheel.
■ Saw teeth with impulse.
■ Steel : SK5*HRC51~53 degree.
■ ABS & TPR Handle.
■ Suitable for :
  Garden Pruning Garden Pruning    

Size & Specification

Model/Name Blade Length Full Length Blade Thickness Number of teeth(In.) Weight(g) Chrome Plated Ground
H-210AG 210mm 435mm 1mm 7T 261 v v
H-210BG 210mm 435mm 0.9mm 7T 260.5 v