Fruit Trees Pruning Saws with Sawtooth Pulse Hardening Treatment (JE Series)
Product Description

  • Applicable for fruit tree grafting saws.
  • Saw blade hard chrome plating.
  • Sawtooth triple side gear grinding.
  • Sawtooth pulse hardening treatment.
  • Hardness: Japanese steel SK5*HRC52±2
  • ABS & TPR anti-slip ergonomic handle.

Product Introduction

Size & Specification

Model/Name Blade Length Full Length Blade Thickness Number of teeth(In.) Weight(g) Chrome Plated Ground
JE-210AG 210mm 395mm 1mm 7T 358 v v
JE-210BG 210mm 395mm 0.9mm 7T 354 v  
JE-250AG 250mm 405mm 1mm 7T 372 v v
JE-250BG 250mm 405mm 0.9mm 7T 368 v  
JE-270AG 270mm 430mm 1mm 7T 392 v v
JE-270BG 270mm 430mm 0.9mm 7T 389 v  
JE-300AG 300mm 450mm 1mm 7T 398 v v
JE-300BG 300mm 450mm 0.9mm 7T 395 v  
JE-350AG 350mm 495mm 1mm 7T 459 v v
JE-350BG 350mm 495mm 1mm 7T 461 v