Curved Hand Saw

Curved Hand Saw
Curved Hand Saw
Curved Hand Saw
Curved Hand Saw
Handle Material: ABS & TPR

Product Applications: Pruning Branches / Breaking down Thick Limbs / Landscaping / Forestry
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Discover the exceptional performance of our Professional Curved Hand Saw! Designed with a durable ABS & TPR handle, this saw is perfect for pruning branches, breaking down thick limbs, landscaping, and forestry. Choose from our RP-330B model with a 330mm blade length or the RP-280B model with a 280mm blade length. Both saws feature 7 teeth per inch for effortless cutting. Available with chrome plated or no chrome plated (antirust paint only) options. Experience the precision and reliability of our Professional Curved Hand Saw today!

Curved blade provides a greater cutting speed with less effort. Particularly suitable for professional use. Triple toothing, impulse-hardened chrome steel, ergonomic handle with a scrabbed. Lightly textured elastomer grip helps reduce hand fatigue so you can cut longer. The curved tree pruning saw is ideal for cutting: fruit, branch, forest, pruning, general landscape cleaning. For fast and precise delimbing.



 Blade Length: 330mm
 Full Length: 495mm 
 Teeth Per Inch: 7T    

 Blade Length: 280mm
 Full Length: 495mm
 Teeth Per Inch: 7T


♦ Blade Length
♦ Saw Teeth(6T/7T) 
♦ Handle Color
♦ Chrome Plated
♦ No Chrome Plated (Antirust Paint Only)

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