Folding Saw

Chan Long is a professional folding pruning saw manufacturer focusing on design, development and production that supplying foldabe hand saw and folding tree saw.

Chan Long ‘s folding tree saw are foldable, small in size, light in weight, easy to carry, convenient to store and they are designed to be as comfortable in your hand as they are effective in cutting. All products are made in Taiwan. Replacement blade available. The handles had an ergonomic design that’s easy to hold and is designed to give the user the grip they need to keep the saw from flying out of their hand.

The best folding cutting tools are easy to open and close with a lock which keeps the blade firmly during use and prevents t saw blade falling. Easy to latch blade prevents injury when not in use. The folding pruning saw come in a variety of different sizes to fit nearly any situation. They can be used for pruning, carpentry, PVC pipes cutting, tree trimming, etc. With the high quality and light blade, foldabe hand saw is the best choice for outdoor activities such as gardening, mountaineering, and camping.