PVC Pipe Saw

Chan Long is a professional plumbing saw manufacturer and dedicated to producing PVC pipe saw and plastic pipe saw. We design two kinds of handle to meet customer demand. The easily detachable handle and general handle. There are the reasons why you should choose easily detachable handle PVC pipe saw. First, when you are busy or working without any tools, those saw can save your time and easy to replace blade. Secondly, the easily detachable handle plumbing saw blades are suitable for hook handles of most brands. For those reason, they are the most popular products for plumber.

There are three sizes of our specification blades 250mm, 270mm and 300mm.The longest 300mm can be used for the PVC pipe of maximum 6 inches. The handles are designed by Chan Long so it can firmly cut PVC pipe, PE pipe, plastic pipe. The plastic pipe saw can also be used for cutting bamboo. It is one of the multi-purpose saws compare with other plumbing saws.