Pole Saw

Chan Long is a professional hand pole saw manufacturer. All telescopic pole saws and high reach pole saws are made in Taiwan. The pole pruning saws equipped with spring are our unique design. The spring reaction force makes pruning easier and more labor-saving on high places. The spring can be used for branches of maximum diameter  20cm .

The hand pole saw is the best economically and safe investment, because it can keep you away from pruning work at height and keep you safe. You only need a pole and a pruning saw and starting pruning work anytime, without power ,batteries and complicated preparations. The telescopic pole saw is a very creative design because it has two perfect uses in one saw: it can reach higher than a ladder with pole, on the other hand, it can be hand-held for lower trimming.

A high reach pole saw is more useful when either pruning above head height or below the waist. Instead of using a ladder, consider getting yourself a nice pole saw.