Wood Saw

Chan Long is a professional carpenter saw manufacturer who has been manufacturing hand saw for woodworking and japanese woodworking saw.
The consistently use saw for Europeans and Americans is called Hand saws or European saws which cut materials via pushing, thus are called “push saws.” Chan Long produces both push saws and pull saws. In recent years, most Asians have chosen to use pull saws because of labor saving and easy using. Carpenters focus on the flatness of the wood when they are chopping, so the small teeth are best choice for them.
Our products are made of Japanese steel and not easily deformed. The teeth after impulse can extend the usage time. The quality of the woodworking saw produced by Chan Long is very stable. Using our carpenter saw can let your working life more colorful. No matter you are a master or a beginner in using saws, it gives you a new experience and enables you to make a wider variety of woodworking products. Most customers say that they feel like a professional carpenter after using our saws. The best product changes your life!
Chan Long is a leading professional carpenter saw manufacturer, established in 1973, makes efforts in research and development of hand saw for woodworking and japanese woodworking saw.