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Folding Hand Saw

Folding Hand Saw
Folding Hand Saw
Folding Hand Saw
Folding Hand Saw
Folding Hand Saw
Folding Hand Saw
Handle Material: Aluminum & TPR

Product Applications: Pruning Fruit Trees / Branches / Cutting Wood / Lumber / Gardening
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Compact Power: Folding Hand Saw by CHAN LONG
Experience the perfect blend of portability and functionality with CHAN LONG's Folding Hand Saw. Our design expertise and manufacturing precision converge in this versatile tool, offering a compact solution for various cutting needs. The folding feature enhances convenience, making it an ideal companion for outdoor activities, woodworking, and more. Trust CHAN LONG for a Folding Hand Saw that doesn't compromise on quality, ensuring reliable performance with every use.

Budget-Friendly Efficiency: Cheap Folding Saw by CHAN LONG
Discover affordable efficiency with CHAN LONG's Cheap Folding Saw. While being budget-friendly, this folding saw doesn't compromise on quality or performance. Perfect for those seeking a cost-effective solution without sacrificing functionality, our Cheap Folding Saw is designed for a variety of cutting tasks. CHAN LONG ensures that even our budget-friendly options meet the standards of excellence, providing a reliable and economical tool for your cutting needs.

Custom Solutions for Every Budget: CHAN LONG's Folding Hand Saw and OEM/ODM Services
Beyond our Folding Hand Saw and Cheap Folding Saw offerings, CHAN LONG provides custom solutions through our OEM and ODM services. Tailor your folding saw to meet your unique requirements and brand specifications, regardless of your budget. Our commitment to excellence extends to every product and service we offer. Choose CHAN LONG for quality within your budget and explore the possibilities of customization through our OEM and ODM solutions.


 Full Length: 455mm 
 Teeth Per Inch: 9T


♦ Saw Teeth (7T/9T)
♦ Handle Color
♦ Chrome Plated
♦ No Chrome Plated (Antirust Paint Only) 
♦ Grinding
♦ No Grinding

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