Lightweight Pruning Saw

Lightweight Pruning Saw

Lightweight Pruning Saw
Lightweight Pruning Saw
Lightweight Pruning Saw
Lightweight Pruning Saw
Handle Material: PE

Product Applications: Cutting Wood / Trimming Trees / Pruning Work / Gardening
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A powerful and lightweight garden hand saw of moderate size, simple to use and easy to carry, is a handy tool for garden maintenance. With tri-grind tooth for quickly cutting and clean, smooth results. The handle is screw-mounted and replaceable blade design. The hand cutter with sheath is best for thin limbs and vines.

Effortless Precision with Our Lightweight Pruning Saw
Discover the perfect balance of precision and ease with CHAN LONG's Lightweight Pruning Saw. Our meticulously crafted saw is designed to make pruning tasks a breeze, offering a lightweight solution without compromising on cutting accuracy. Elevate your pruning experience with the exceptional quality and performance of CHAN LONG.

Unleash Efficiency with CHAN LONG's Lightweight Pruning Saw
Make pruning tasks efficient and enjoyable with CHAN LONG's Lightweight Pruning Saw. Engineered for optimal performance, our saw combines lightweight design with cutting-edge technology, ensuring a smooth and precise cutting experience. Whether you are a professional landscaper or a gardening enthusiast, our pruning saw is your reliable companion for every project.

Customized Solutions Beyond Expectations
CHAN LONG not only delivers excellence in the Lightweight Pruning Saw but also offers tailored solutions through our OEM and ODM services. Our dedicated team collaborates with clients to create customized pruning saws that meet specific requirements. Choose CHAN LONG for a lightweight pruning solution that goes beyond industry standards, where precision meets personalization.


【PD -210】
 Blade Length: 210mm
 Full Length: 365mm 
 Teeth Per Inch: 9T


♦ Saw Teeth(9T/11T/16T/17T)
♦ Handle Color
♦ Chrome Plated
♦ No Chrome Plated (Antirust Paint Only) 
♦ Grinding
♦ No Grinding

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