Drywall Hand Saw

Drywall Hand Saw
Drywall Hand Saw
Model:Drywall Saw
Handle Material: ABS & TPR

Product Applications: Drywall / Plywood / Wallboard / Cement Board / Thin Paneling
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This professional grade Drywall saw is guaranteed to exceed your expectations for quality, performance and reliability. The handle is designed for strength and durability with comfortable, slip-resistant and bi-material. It is a multi-functional and multi-purpose saw, which is suitable for woodworking great as a drywall, sheetrock, wood and wallboard. It can cut quickly, cleanly and easily. It is one of the must-have tools for carpenters.



 Blade Length: 160mm
 Full Length: 305mm 
 Teeth Per Inch: 9T


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