Japanese Carpentry Saw

Japanese Carpentry Saw

Japanese Carpentry Saw
Japanese Carpentry Saw
Handle Material: ABS & TPR

Product Applications: Woodworking / Household DIY / Gardening Pruning
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Elevate Your Craft: Japanese Carpentry Saw Excellence by CHAN LONG
Experience the epitome of craftsmanship with CHAN LONG's Japanese Carpentry Saw. Our saws are meticulously designed and crafted to meet the precision demands of Japanese carpentry. Unlock the true potential of your woodworking projects with a tool that embodies tradition, innovation, and unparalleled performance. Trust CHAN LONG for the finest Japanese Carpentry Saw that brings your craftsmanship to new heights.

Precision Redefined: CHAN LONG's Japanese Carpentry Saw
CHAN LONG sets the standard for precision with our Japanese Carpentry Saw. Each saw is a masterpiece, featuring razor-sharp blades and ergonomic design. Whether you're a seasoned carpenter or a woodworking enthusiast, our Japanese Carpentry Saw ensures unparalleled accuracy in every cut. Elevate your craft with a tool that redefines precision and durability. Choose CHAN LONG for the ultimate Japanese Carpentry Saw experience.

Crafting Solutions to Your Specifications
Beyond offering the best Japanese Carpentry Saw, CHAN LONG specializes in providing customized solutions through our OEM and ODM services. Collaborate with our skilled team to create saws tailored to your specific carpentry requirements. CHAN LONG is your partner in precision, offering not only exceptional tools but also personalized solutions crafted to meet your unique needs. Transform your carpentry projects with our Japanese Carpentry Saw and customized services that exceed expectations.


 Blade Length: 170mm
 Full Length: 325mm 
 Teeth Per Inch: 17T/22T


♦ Saw Teeth (17T/22T)
♦ Handle Color


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