Pruning Saw

As a leading hand pruning saw manufacturer, Chan Long has been providing saw for cutting tree branches and garden pruning saws for more than 25 years.
The straight saws provide you with more options when pruning. Easy-to-use hand saws can increase work efficiency and improve completion. Chan Long provides a variety of pruning saw products, which greatly meets all the needs of professionals engaged in fruit tree pruning, gardening, outdoor activities and house repairs. The full series of Chan Long’s saw blades are made of Japanese high carbon steel. The high carbon steels are heat treated for greater strength, lasting sharpness and a longer life. The service life of the saw blade can be extended after the saw teeth through the impact treatment of saw teeth (impulse). The combination of the saw and the sheath can be hung on the belt and tied to the leg to easily take when working. They keep you safer when you carry.
Pruning saws are necessary tools for trees pruning, tackling the landscaping and forestry jobs. Whether you're cutting green wood, dead, wood hardwoods, large trees or ornamental shrubs, you'll find what you need here.
Chan Long is a leading hand pruning saw manufacturer who has concentrated on continuous improvement in saw for cutting tree branches and garden pruning saws quality.